Electronic Artwork Design

Towards the era of advance electronics, PCB artwork design has become a state of art.

Component placement, overall size of the printed circuit board, reliability of the circuitry, EMC consideration etc. becomes critical.

A good piece of good artwork design will ensure reduce prototyping time.

When the design (product) is approved and move on to production, the overall production cost will be greatly reduced. A good design layout will also ensure reliability of your product.

SgCircuit.COM is proud to provide printed circuit artwork design service to our customer.

The Company provides services to both the Electronics Industries as well as R & D organizations.

With many years of PCB artwork design experience using established CAD/CAM software, we are providing services ranging from schematic capturing to final photoplotted artwork.

Our Engineers are experienced in EMC consideration, Impedance Control, RF, Analog and Digital design.


Our Design Capability
Schematic Capturing Schematic Verification based on customer’s specification Custom Built Part Library Netlist Generation and Checking.

Experience in :
1. Single Sided PCB Design
2. Double Sided PCB Design
3. Thru-hole and Surface Mount Technology
4. Back-Plane Design
5. Impedance Controlled Design
6. Burn-In-Board
7. EMC Consideration
8. Manufacturable Consideration .
9. ERC(Electrical Run Check) is done on all our design initiated from schematic capture thus ensuring error-free design.

What You Need to Provide Us
1. Your schematic diagram – either manually or drawn by your CAD.
2. Data-sheet for component used.
3. Other Specifications:(a) PCB dimension(b) Special Component placement requirement.

What We Will Do
From the information that you have provided us, the schematic diagram will be regenerated with our CAD system and submit for your approval.